Git Hosting

Site Public Private Custom Domains Remarks
Avatar Github Free For
(Personal $7 or Min. $9/mo/user)
Yes Now a Microsoft company. They promised to keep it as a separate entity.
Avatar Gitlab Free For
(Min. $4/mo/user)
Yes Regarded by many as another github.
Avatar Bitbucket Free For
(Min. $2/mo/user)
Yes An Atlassian product.
Avatar Free Free/Paid
(Min. $8/mo/team)
Yes Free for 5 users or less(including Issue tracking), continous integraton starting with $8/mo
Avatar VS Team Services Free
(Min. $10/mo/team)
A repository hosting by Microsoft. It integrates well to Microsoft ecosystem, including Azure
Avatar Not a Bug Free For
(100MB limit)
Free & opensource/FOSS principles.
Avatar Assembla No Paid
(Min. $10/mo/user)
Targeted to Enterprise clients, used by Unity
Avatar Pikacode Free
Free Doesn't have paid plans. It appears to be totally free.
Avatar HelixTeamHub No Free/Paid
(Min. $19/year/user)
Only private repos, Was launched as deveo then acquired by Perforce.
Avatar LaunchPad ? ? Owned by Canonical, provide bazaar but also git hosting for open source
Avatar SourceForge Free For
(Ad Based)
No Yes Redesigned but still annoying and full of ads...
Avatar Beanstalk Paid
15/mo/5 users
Different than AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
Avatar AWS CodeCommit ? Free/Paid
(Min. $1/mo/user)
An Amazon AWS Service.
Avatar Google Cloud Repos ? Paid
(based on resources used)

A Google Cloud Service;
Avatar CodeBase No Paid
(Min. £9/mo/10 users)
Git, Mercurial, Subversion, Ticket Tracking, Wiki and Project Management Tools
Avatar Phacility No Paid
(Min. $20/mo/user)
Phacility is the owner Phabricator, a free self-hosting git solution along with that, they offer paid Git hosting.

Self Hosted

Project Remarks
Avatar GitLab At least 4GB of RAM, available for everything: docker, kubernetes, ubuntu package, vagrant, etc...
Avatar Gogs Tiny enough to run on Raspberry Pi, Github Look and Feel, Ready to run with Docker or Vagrant
Avatar GitBucket Java based, one click deploy to Heroku
Avatar Gitea Gogs Fork
Avatar Apache Allura Includes Git, Wiki, Tickets
Avatar Phabricator Used by MediaWiki, the foundation behind
Avatar Bonobo Opensource(MIT License), Developed in C#m to be installed on Windows on IIS Server
Avatar Gerrit Web based code review and repository management for the Git, written in Java.
Avatar Tuleap Git & Svn, Code review, Project Management, Continous integration and Tracking, deplyable as docker container.
Avatar Kallithea Git push/pull server + Code Review tool
Avatar ReviewBoard Code Review tool(complementary to a git server, does not include it)
GitComp is an one-day website I created because I wanted to have all the information in one place about github alternatives. Funny enough, it's hosted on github pages and if you want add new alternatives or to make any other change you can fork, make changes and create pull requests to this repo: I'll review and probably merge your changes.